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Packaging Division is one of the 8 SBUs of Shuanghui Development, annual sales of all types packaging products achieves 100000 tons. It is the base of design, R&D and production for Shuanghui packaging materials.

Our business covers PVDC resin production, film processing, color printing, multilayer lamination, bag making, carton processing, aluminum wire and clip production. We built a state of art quality inspection center and 5 professional inspection lab, equipped with more than 200 sets of advanced testing equipments. Our production has received certification of China QS food packaging approval,ISO9001 &ISO14001.The application of raw materials complies with the relevant certification of USA, Japan &European Union.

Existing Products are over 1,000 categories, covering PVDC plastic film, PVDC thermoforming Laminated film(bag), PVDC Co-extruded film, PVDC wrap film, PA co-extruded tube casing, Aluminum wire, Aluminum clip and so on.

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  • 1

    The largest production base of high barrier film

  • 10 WT

    The annual sales capacity of packaging products

  • 22 province

    Domestic product coverage

  • 5000

    Average annual export volume


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China’s largest PVDC film production base: Annual capacity is over 50,000 tons by 56 production lines, timely supply is guaranteed.


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Proprietary packaging materials test base: All packaging materials have been fully tested and verified in Shuanghui meat products circulation channels. The excellent packaging adaptability and effect.


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Full production chain: Seamless connection from PVDC resin production, film blowing, printing, lamination, inspection, to logistics transportation. Quality stability and pollution-free is guaranteed.

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