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Introduction About PVDC

29,November 2021

Brief Introduction About PVDC

The scientific name of PVDC is Polyvinylidene Chloride, the softening temperature is at 160℃ — 200℃, the density of PVDC film is 1.6 — 1.7g/cm ³. ØPVDC molecular chain has the characteristic of regularity, high symmetrical structure, polarity and easy to form hydrogen group.

High degree of crystallinity, small grain size, no hydrophilic groups, outstanding barrier properties.

PVDC was invented in the 1930s and used for military supplies in the early time. Now it is applied to food, medicine, chemicals and electronics packaging because of its excellent barrier properties.

The reason for selecting PVDC as barrier layer

Excellent barrier properties: PVDC has excellent properties for oxygen barrier, gas barrier, moisture barrier, and taste holding. It is widely recognized as the best flexible packaging materials with good barrier properties.

The stable barrier properties: no influence to the PVDC barrier properties with the ambient temperature and humidity changes.

Excellent weather resistance: anti-aging ability.

Safe and environment-friendly, FDA approves to contact with food.

Reliable quality, safety are provided for your products with PVDC packaging.

The environment-friendly performance of PVDC

PVDC products in the United States is determined to be non-toxic and safe plastic material, it is used in food packaging and in compliance with FDA certification.

In Germany, the PVDC packaging is taken as green packaging and marked with “green point”.

Japan confirmed burning PVDC would not create Dioxin, and a large number of PVDC is applied to packaging.

The comparison of barrier properties among PVDC and other materials

  The comparison of WVTR: the WVTR performance of PVDC is equivalent to 7 times that of HDPE, 120 times that of EVOH, 437 times that of PA (under 38℃, 24 h, 90% RH, 25μm ).

  The comparison of OTR: the OTR performance of PVDC is equivalent to 2735 times that of HDPE and PP, 47 times that of PA (under 20℃, 24 h, 0.1MPa, 25μm ).

  The comparison of fragrance TR: the fragrance TR of PVDC is equivalent to 84 times that of PA, 5700  times that of HDPE (under20℃,24h,0.1MPa,75%RH,25μm).

Conclusion: PVDC performs as the most stable flexible packaging materials to provide reliable quality, safety for the products.

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