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The Application of PVDC

09,December 2021

For retort sausage

Product:Retort sausage after cooking with high temperature

PVDC category:Flat PVDC casing film(surface and trap printing) 

Packaging equipment:Filler

The sealing principle: High-frequency current welding

The advantage of Shuanghui PVDC casing film

Physical and mechanical properties are excellent and stable, the production rate is high.

Good Adaptability, suitable for different meat recipes.

The large-scaled production and applications of PVDC casing film promote the rapid development of the high-temperature meat products and realize the industrial production of the high-temperature sausage industry in China.

For medium and low temperature sausage

Product:The secondary cooking products at low temperature

PVDC category:PVDC thermoforming film、PVDC bag

Packaging equipment:Vacuum thermoforming machine, Vacuum packaging machine

The sealing principle: Hot sealing

The structure of PVDC thermoforming film and bag:

The advantage of Shuanghui thermoforming film and bags

Excellent and stable barrier property: Effectively extend the shelf life of products.

Ensure the quality: keep the original flavor, increase consumer brand awareness.

Break the limits in low-temperature meat sales channels, achieve circulation at room temperature, promote a significant development in image, quality, safety and production efficiency.

Improve food security: Reduce legal risks due to irrational use of preservatives.

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