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Brief Introduction of Shuanghui Development · Packaging Division

Packaging Division is one of the 8 SBUs of Shuanghui Development, annual sales of all types packaging products achieves 100000 tons. It is the base of design, R&D and production for Shuanghui packaging materials.

Our business covers PVDC resin production, film processing, color printing, multilayer lamination, bag making, carton processing, aluminum wire and clip production. We built a state of art quality inspection center and 5 professional inspection lab, equipped with more than 200 sets of advanced testing equipments. Our production has received certification of China QS food packaging approval,ISO9001 &ISO14001.The application of raw materials complies with the relevant certification of USA, Japan &European Union.

Existing Products are over 1,000 categories, covering PVDC plastic film, PVDC thermoforming Laminated film(bag), PVDC Co-extruded film, PVDC wrap film, PA co-extruded tube casing, Aluminum wire, Aluminum clip and so on.

Technical advantages

State-level quality inspection center: Provide the most appropriate packaging solutions.

Fully validated material properties in meat processing: we have the world’s largest meat processing base, all packaging materials have been fully tested and verified in our meat products circulation channels. we are sure to provide customers with quality, strong adaptability, good effect of packaging products.

Extended industrial chain service: we use our proprietary packaging experience, meat product processing experience and equipment operation and commissioning experience to provide customers with the best service.

Inspect advantage

World-class inspection instruments: A state of art quality inspection center and a large number of advanced instruments, to ensure that each batch must be tested.

Professional R&D team: Study foods relevant laws and regulations, make sure all packaging raw materials complies with FDA and other standards , ensure food safety.

Supply advantages

China´s largest PVDC film production base: Ensure timely, stable, long-term and sufficient supply to customers.

Rich product categories: provide customers with a full range of products to meet the packaging needs of different customers. World-class production equipment and professional high-quality staff: provide customers with reliable packaging safety guarantee.

Service advantage

Rich application experience: be able to quickly provide the best matching product packaging according to customer needs. If you need, we can also provide professional technical door-to-door service to solve the problems encountered in the production process.

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