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Industry advantage

Design the most appropriate packaging solution for customers quickly

Industry advantage

The State-level Technology Center: design the most appropriate packaging solution for customers quickly.

Packaging material properties are verified in Meat Processing Division: ensure to provide customers with the products of superior quality, adaptability, good packaging appearance.

Extension of industrial chain services: use our experience of packaging solutions, meat processing experience and equipment operation to provide customers with the best quality service.

The Packaging DivisionThe Packaging Division
Service Advantage

Rich application experience: provide the most appropriate packaging solution based on customers’ demand quickly.

Professional technical on-site service will be provided to solve customers’problems in the production process.

Industry advantage   The Packaging Division
Delivery Advantage

The largest PVDC flexible packaging materials processing base in China: ensure timely, stable, long-term, full supply to customers.

Rich product range: provide customers with a full range of products to meet different customer's packaging needs.

World-class production equipment and professional highly qualified staff: provide customers with reliable security packaging.

The Packaging Division
Test Advantage

World-class test equipment: a national quality inspection center and a large number of advanced testing equipment to ensure every batch to be tested.

A high level inspection team: professional, high-level inspection team and inspection capabilities to ensure the test data scientifically and accurately.

Professional standards research team: study and regional food-related laws and regulations to ensure raw materials used complying with FDA or other relevant standards.

The Packaging Division