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PVDC Base Film

We draw your attention as follows for the first use: 

1. Storage: the environment for PVDC base film storage requires ventilation, dry, no direct sunlight, do not store together with the poisonous and harmful substances.

2. Process: the physico-chemical indicators and applications of different formulations film will be different. Selecting PVDC film to test for evaluation for first usage, and then finalizing formulations. 

3. Production: in order to make sure the lamination strength, it is recommended for corona treatment firstly before using  PVDC base film.

Product Description

PVDC base film includes monolayer PVDC film, multilayer PVDC co-extrusion base film, and it can be laminated with BOPP, PET, CPP, PA material.



Limited Value




Tesnsile strength  (MD/TD)



Elogation at break(MD/TD)



Coefficient fo friction


According to customers' demand









The film is used as high barrier packaging material, it can be laminated with a lot of materials (such as BOPP, PA, CPP, PE etc) to meet the high barrier packaging requirements.


Product safety

The raw materials are in line with the China GB9685/United States FDA/EU FCM/Japan MHLW certifications.

Quality assurance

High-quality raw materials, advanced equipment, and strict quality control system, the state level inspection center and full inspection.

Technical support

The film can be designed according to customer needs in different formulations and process with excellent performance of barrier resisitance to vapor and oxygen. Perfect packaging solution can provided for you on time.

Supply ability

Many advanced PVDC film blowing equipment with more than 20,000 tons PVDC film per year, be able to meet customer demand stably.


National R&D Center, State-level quality inspection centers, professional after-sales service team, be able to offer perfect service.

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